703, 2023

Ask a Roofing Contractor: When Should You Do A Complete Roof Replacement Before Doing Solar?

With around 98% of installations located on the roof and with a lifespan of 25 years, you have to consider the current state of your roof with a roofing contractor before opting to mount solar panels up there. Unsurprisingly, the number of solar panel installations is increasing across the US. Homeowners can increase the value of their [...]

102, 2023

How Residential and Commercial Roofing Contractor Fix Leaks

Roof leaks can be a major problem for businesses and homeowners, causing damage to the structure of the building and potentially inviting mold and other health hazards. However, your residential and commercial roofing contractors take several approaches to addressing roof leaks and preventing them from becoming a major issue. Using High-Quality Sealant and Caulk  Residential and commercial [...]

101, 2023

3 Ways Roofing Companies Provide Rain Gutter Maintenance

Rain gutter maintenance is crucial to the health of your home and the longevity of your roof. You know how residences take a beating from hailstorms and the freezing and thawing of winter snow, but many homeowners underestimate the impact of everyday rainfall. The reality is that water damage costs homeowners an average of $2,000 every year.  [...]

112, 2022

3 Great Options for Bay Area and Livermore Roofing Materials

As a Bay Area or Livermore homeowner, you want to get the most from your roofing investment. As you search for "Livermore roofing materials," “roofers near me,” or “roofing companies near me” to find an informed and experienced Livermore roofing contractor, you’ll start having conversations about preferred Livermore roofing materials like asphalt, metal, and terracotta — each with [...]

311, 2022

4 Essential Attributes of a Top Livermore Roofing Contractor

If you’re in Livermore and working to locate “Livermore roofing companies near me,” you’re likely in the market for critical roof repairs — or a brand-new roof altogether. As you’re shopping around for that just-right roofing contractor, here are a few qualities to consider — characteristics we think every serious professional roofing in Livermore should possess. The [...]

2610, 2022

DIY Gutter Cleaning vs. Hiring a Professional

Should you pay for a gutter cleaner? If you are a budget-conscious homeowner, you might believe that gutter cleaning must be cheaper to do yourself. As a homeowner, staying on top of your home’s exterior maintenance is critical. Gutter cleaning is one of the most maintenance tasks you can do throughout the year, so it’s worth asking [...]