If you’re in Livermore and working to locate “Livermore roofing companies near me,” you’re likely in the market for critical roof repairs — or a brand-new roof altogether. As you’re shopping around for that just-right roofing contractor, here are a few qualities to consider — characteristics we think every serious professional roofing in Livermore should possess.

The Proper Certifications and Social Proof 

When you go looking for “roofers near me,” it might be tempting to call up the first Livermore roofing contractor that appears in your search results. But before signing on with any local roofing companies that comes your way, it always pays to do a little fact-finding. Do they have a respectable number of online reviews? What’s their rating on Better Business Bureau? Can they show you their state license and manufacturer warranties? These details serve as a good indicator that you’re working with a team of established pros.  

Time as a Professional Roofing in Livermore 

That 10,000 hours rule holds true in every industry — particularly for trades like roofing. Only when a contractor or roofer has worked on dozens of roofs for dozens of home types will they instill in themselves the skill and understanding to continually produce the level of quality and craftsmanship you expect for your investment. This is a roof you want to last for a significant number of years. You always want it done right the first time, and should any problems occur down the road, you want to know you can reach out to roofing in Livermore individuals who did the work to begin with. You want to be confident they’ll still be around! 

Full Proof of Insurance

Liability insurance is a crucial component of any contractor or trades professional. Let’s say a roofer gets injured on your property during the course of the roof installation. Without liability insurance, workers can technically hold you responsible and serve up a lawsuit. Better to quickly confirm you’re working with a fully insured business than risk saddling yourself with unnecessary legal issues.  

Comprehensive Financing Options 

Before enlisting any roofing in Livermore contractor, be sure to inquire about their financing options. You want to work with a transparent team that answers all of your questions and provides plenty of options for paying off your roof — particularly if you’re electing to go with a higher-priced and longer-lasting material such as metal roofing. Clear policies and upfront pricing take considerable stress out of the process.

We Can Help

As you search out “roofing contractors near me,” the above qualifications are a great way to vet potential contractors. Feel free to get in touch with Moran Roofing with any questions about our own pricing and services. We look forward to hearing from you.