When it comes to residential and commercial roofing in Livermore, Pleasanton, Oakland, Danville, Walnut Creek, San Jose, and the entire Bay Area, not all contractors are created equal. The SELECT ShingleMaster™ credential, held by Moran Roofing, a 5th generation roofing company, represents the highest standards in the shingle roofing industry, distinguishing those who have gone through a rigorous process of education and accreditation from the rest. This distinction is not easily earned, and it separates SELECT ShingleMasters from most other companies.

The SELECT ShingleMaster™ credential is not just a one-time achievement. To maintain this prestigious status, a company must continuously meet several stringent requirements.

The Most Well-Qualified Installers

SELECT ShingleMasters ensure that all supervisors and at least 50% of the company’s installers are Master Shingle Applicators™ (MSAs). These professionals have undergone testing and regular re-accreditation, making them some of the most knowledgeable roofing installers in the industry. They are well-versed in the CertainTeed Shingle Applicator’s Manual, which provides comprehensive instruction on roofing installation.

Product Knowledge

SELECT ShingleMasters are not just experts in installation; they also have an in-depth understanding of shingle products and quality standards. They can explain the important differences between shingles and offer an appropriate selection of products for your roof.

Insured and Established

SELECT ShingleMasters are required by law to carry worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance covering roofing. This coverage is critical for your protection. Additionally, these companies have been in business for a minimum of five years or have held another CertainTeed credential for at least one year.

Ethical Conduct and Customer-Focused

SELECT ShingleMasters agree to abide by a code of ethics that covers compliance with applicable laws, standards of workmanship, customer service, and business administration. They must maintain a customer satisfaction rating of 4 or higher on a five-point scale.

Up-to-date and Ongoing Credential Requirements

CertainTeed keeps records on each SELECT ShingleMaster to ensure their credentials and insurance coverage are current. You can verify a contractor’s credential status by calling 800-782-8777 or checking the Find a Pro section here.

The Strongest Warranty

SELECT ShingleMasters are exclusively authorized to offer CertainTeed’s strongest warranty, SureStart™ PLUS. This warranty fully covers your shingles during the early years following installation in the event of a manufacturing defect. After the SureStart period ends, typically after 10 years, you are covered for shingles only and at a reduced rate as the roof ages. However, with SureStart PLUS, your coverage can extend for up to 50 years, depending on the level of protection you choose.

Customer TrackRecord

Knowing what other homeowners think of a contractor can bring both comfort and confidence that you’re receiving the best service, products, and pricing. You can find a contractor’s Customer TrackRecord by visiting this link and entering your zip code.

In conclusion, the SELECT ShingleMaster™ credential is a mark of distinction that represents the highest standards in the shingle roofing industry. When you choose a SELECT ShingleMaster, you’re choosing a contractor who is well-qualified, knowledgeable, insured, established, ethical, and customer-focused. You’re also choosing peace of mind with the strongest warranty in the industry. Contact Moran Roofing today! 925.454.920